Summer milkweed flower

I have been trying to welcome the slow more into my life lately. A lot of my life has been high speed and squirrel-paced. We typically assume if our lives are fast paced, our healing or even miracles will come quickly too….this is however very far from the truth!

Reminder…welcome the slow

After my positive encounter (a mini miracle of sorts) with one of my doctors this past week, I saw a slow moving critter on the way home from spending time with my nieces the night before. It reminded me that good things can take time, sometimes more time than we would like.

Remembering to be thankful for the smaller, partial miracles that take place within a long awaited situation. It is for sure a difficult learning curve to have holy patience and anticipation within the wait.

“Occasionally, God works in an instant. But this, I think, is the exception. Usually, He works over a long period of time. This doesnโ€™t make it any less miraculous, but it is certainly less dramatic”-Michael Hyatt

The Case for Slow Miracles

It has been seven months dealing with my health situation at hand and it has no doubt been a huge challenge. But I am trying to recognize all of the good changes thus far and to be ok with where I am at right now.

Within the wait, it is so important to stay connected to your faith but also the things that help nourish you daily.


Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound & Laurie @ Ridge Haven Homestead

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