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Our soul is like a soft and gentle flower. It needs to be nurtured, cared for, tended to, with sufficient sunlight, fresh air and freedom to bloom into its most precious and beautiful form. This, my friend, is self-love.”

~ Miya Yamanouchi

Hi, Amy here!

I am a beautiful and unique soul experiencing life!

Let me be real and honest……

I am just like you, having many joys, unique gifts, fears and uncertainties. At times, I really struggle with perfectionism, growth and deciding to nourish my whole self, daily.

Personally, I have dealt with high functioning anxiety and ADHD for as long as I can remember. As a result of this constant inner chaos, all of my long-term, high anxiety has taken its toll on my entire being, resulting in over a 10-year journey of various symptoms related to my adrenal and emotional burnout. With me being in this constant survival mode, it has been a constant challenge to find my place in the world and having true, sustainable joy for life.

Digging Deeper: Deciding to Root Down, Discover & Connect 

With all of my past crazy experiences weighing me down, in 2019 I decided to dig down deep, to start nourishing my whole self. First, I explored various self-care modalities to support my body and mind, many of which have been helpful. Then, I wanted to look for the creative gifts and passions hidden deep inside, which is an exciting yet scary process. Something I was always curious about was the concept of holistic wellness. The first step in this discovery process, was obtaining my nutrition certificate in 2019 to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  Then, last year, I decided to go even deeper on a more emotional level (where the majority of our health imbalances start). So, in 2021, I started traveling the path to becoming a certified Soul Road Master Teacher. The Soul Road curriculum is a creative toolbox of sorts – containing a variety of tools to help unclutter the emotions experienced within our daily lives. These tools were designed by my mentor and artist friend, Melody Ross.

My Passion: Nourishing the Exhausted You

I creatively nourish a multitude of women with all that I have discovered for myself.  In nourishing your whole self, you achieve mental resiliency, recover from long-standing effects of burn-out while having a strong sense of self-confidence and overall wellness. I encourage and uplift women who desire to bloom outward and root downward!

I will be your guide on a fantabulous journey of discovery. The big picture of what I offer, is to help you find and define boundaries, smooth out stressful triggers, rediscover what lights you up inside, and connecting with simple things to  support the body though this process. All of these elements assist in nourishing you from the inside out!

So, what is the Soul Road? It is a unique process and a creative self-care journey (soul work), which helps to:

*Unearth the many stuck feelings, emotions and negative thinking.

*It is a vital process, helping us connect to our inner selves on a daily basis. 

I prioritize soul work at least a couple times every week because it is so grounding. So, combining this creative process with the nutrition element and other self-care modailites, I now have the momentum. This forward movement gets me through the day-to-day, and influences my blooming outward and rooting downward!

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