Hi, I’m Amy Bauer-Mcintire.

I’m a Certified Art Healer who is always finding beauty in the everyday and how it nourishes our whole self.

Everyday, we are always trying to find the calm within the chaos.

Our body is a very smart being. It has been intricately created and is constantly finding homeostasis (balance) every hour of the day.

We need to decide daily to actively connect to ourselves and to those around us. Nourishing our entire being assists with this constant process  by connecting our genuine self to the outside world. We need to give our body what it truly needs. Everyday, we require sunshine, nutrients, having an uncluttered mind and enjoying the activities we are passionate about.

This is key to a well-balanced life.

Nourishing Your Life – The Blog

Let my story be an inspiration to you. I will also be posting a variety of nourishing goodies to help you find calm within the chaos and beauty of the day.

“Where there is imperfection, there is beauty.

Beauty is everywhere

Focus on excellence not perfection

“Water your own heart, mind and soul daily – so that you can do, be and give from a more nourished and much fuller place.”

– Lalah Delia

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