After a long week, I was reminded by a coworker to get some rest after a challenging medical test yesterday. That four letter word can be just as much of a feat to actually do, but so quick and easy to say.

In order to really rest, we need to be free from all of the expectations around us and to be still. True rest is more than just taking a nap or just not doing anything (though, you can do those things while resting). It is about resting your whole self, especially the mind.

Our brains are always on, even when we sleep. It is ever so important to shift our thinking to a more restful stance. So how can we do this? For me, doing art helps with this, as it slows down negative thought patterns.

However, what if doing art is not your jam? There are other ways to help shift restless thought patterns to more restful ones. Connecting to music, listening to scripture, positive podcasts or doing healing movement can be restful. Sitting on your patio while writing in your favorite journal can also be a good place for a restful release.

Preparing a nourishing snack of bone broth or berries with a bit of yogurt, helps with the production of calming neurotransmitters, powerful chemicals in our brains that affect how we feel.

Have a great restful day!

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