There are many ways to help feel more grounded in the day-to-day. This is still an ongoing process for me, on doing this more often and with purpose. Releasing my cares to someone beyond this physical Earth still is a mystery and yet very necessary.

A hidden path of discovery

Prayer walks have been part of my creative self-care ritual for some time now. Being surrounded by creation always helps me feel grounded when things get a bit on the crazy side. I am always looking for the many spiritual things along my way and how they manifest in the physical realm.

Elderflower in bloom

All of the different trees, flowers, rocks and clouds I come across, always amaze me. The “words” they communicate radiates from them when it is needed most; yes, the Creator can and does whisper to us in this way!

While picking wild black raspberries with my niece, I was reminded there will always be little joyful moments and to not rush the present ones or be sucked into the days ahead (so difficult to do). However, time still runs too fast even when you don’t want it to.

Wild black raspberry picking with my niece

Remember to be confident and trust that all will work itself out, no matter the angst you may be strongly sensing about something or maybe a whole lot of somethings.

My commonplace book, journal is another place to communicate with God through my creativity.  I enjoy collage, my watercolor pencils and a prayer technique created by Sybil McBeth, Praying in Color. A way to pray when your mind cannot sit still.

Be confident….pray always! From my commonplace journal

In other words, we need to always be praying (talking it out) whatever is on our minds and our hearts to the one that created us versus just always hashing it out with those we know, though we need to share things with those around us.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-17)

Music is another way to pray and connect with Lord. It is something I listen to and relate with very frequently. The song below was played on and off through the past week.

“Let Go Your Troubles”, by Sidewalk Prophets

Are you fighting with your troubles?
Like a heavyweight champ trying to punch a fly
Does life keep you slipping?
Like some worn-out shoes down a playground slide
You're so afraid that you'll be afraid
You become afraid, afraid again

See you stumble on your tightrope
Like an elephant dancing on a line of thread
Yeah, you hurry with your head down
You keep moving forward, but you never get ahead
You're so afraid that you'll be afraid
You become afraid, afraid again

Let go your troubles, let go your troubles
Let go your troubles and wave goodbye
Let go your troubles, let go your troubles
Let go your troubles and wave goodbye

Letting go's not easy
But it'll be ok
No, it's not so easy
It's going to take some faith

Worry never added a day to your life
Worry never added a day
Worry never added a day to your life
Let go your troubles and wave goodbye

May you find ways to release your troubles this weekend.

Enjoy more blog party fun over the weekend with Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound, @Farmhouse Friday w/ Cindy & Laurie w/Sunshine Sunday@ Ridge Haven Homestead

Stay nourished in many ways my friend!


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