I LOVE my front porch, it is such a nourishing place to be. Come, and please sit a spell on this fine summer day with me!

When the weather is good, this is my favorite place to sit to hear the birds, take a Sunday nap, listen to some music on my Spotify playlist, or even do some journaling or some tiny piece of art (which this past month has been a bit of challenge).

My yarrow growing “wild” in my container garden
A place to sit
Wind chimes in the breeze
Week #1: An art healing moment, part of the Reset Girl Pocket Art Challenge

To continue working out my creative muscles (after a long time of creative stagnation), I decided to join in on The Pocket Art Challenge @ The Reset Girl . As a compliment to this fun challenge, Cori, The Reset Girl also has a very awesome online community that is only open three months at a time and is a truly unique experience.  Imagine all of the fun times at summer camp as a kid rolled up into a unique virtual experience. This kid at heart is looking forward to it…. finding the time to play with a child-like heart is so needed these days!

Making the purposeful choice to re-create our inner selves daily (through recreational activity we love), nourishes us so we can keep doing the things we are passionate about and not be burned out. For me, this is where the passion of art healing comes in. I plan on sharing more here on what art healing is and how to incorporate it as a way to play and a way to help nourish the soul.

What are you doing for your re-creation time this weekend? Would love to hear all about it!

Stay creatively nourished my friend!


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