Welcome to a safe, loving and nourishing place!

This space is for encouragement, inspiration and beauty. Let me meet you where you are, even the really messy, anxious and beyond tired mode you are in. We are all there right now it seems, the constant merry-go-round effect.

I want you to go from believing just the wishes and crazy thoughts in your mind, to believing I am doing it!

You can go from being anxious to having peace. I also want you to go from feeling helpless, to feeling hopeful.

I went from having loads of uneasiness, to having abundant joy. I went from thinking foggy, unorganized thoughts, to thinking more clearly.

I want the same for you. I am here to help you stop the just wishing and to start having forward momentum from the stuck-ness.

Do it anyway, no matter how you may feel!

Doing art and noticing beauty as much as possible has helped me reframe my thoughts and my goal here is to share and guide you through this process. It has been an extremely valuable tool for the crazy times.

I believe in you!

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