Happy 1st Pink Saturday in June!

Dare to dream….don’t stop believing ❤️

For this week, I traveled to New York state with a friend of mine from Oklahoma. We are at another friend’s house gathering, creating art, talking about each of our creative businesses and having a good time laughing our hinies off.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Tutu Tessa. She was the guardian of the creative wonderland we were about to partake in.

The mission of our gathering is simple, just leave it all at the door don’t hold back and have fun!

When life gets crazy, you just gotta create it out. We talked and sang really loud while playing with the many inspiring tools available.

Our one friend, the hostess with the most-ess for the weekend, opened up her wonderful home for us. In addition, she is a lovely and spunky artist in her own right. However, to do what we did, you do not need to be an artist.

“He Reigns”, by Amy Hatch

May you be inspired to gather with your closest gal pals or even plan a self-care retreat with just yourself. Go for a walk, sit outside on your patio with a cup of tea, soak up the summer sun, visit a cafe, crank up your favorite tunes, sing loud and dance like no one is watching.

Also, find creative ways to connect to your faith, which is also vital. Journaling is a good practice to do daily or at least weekly.

Planning time like this helps reset the brain if you will, which is so essential these days.


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