Dear beautiful and confident one:

Don’t try so hard to shine your beautiful light!

“Be the Light”, Artwork by Amy Hatch

I have struggled with uncontrolled stress and doubt, more than I care to admit. Many times it is a mixed up storm of self-confidence and lack of it swirling about, stopping me in my tracks.

I have been afraid to really let all of the stuff holding me back go. Saying it’s too impossible….I just don’t know how or am feeling way too scatterbrained to even start.

We are not meant for a life of internal chaos. There is so much to discover regarding true renewal and release. Many ‘holy hints’ are placed along our paths everyday….we just need to stop for a moment to really notice them.

Be confident, shine on!

The truth is, we are meant to have a life of authentic confidence. We are wondrous beings of creation who are always learning growing and becoming. Our creative gifts (yes, we are ALL creative) exist, not only for our own nourishment, but for nourishment of others.

Be BRAVE, be wondrous. Choose to reignite the joy placed in your confident heart!

Keep shining on!

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