On Friday I woke up with pain in my shoulder and discouragement in my heart after a mixed week. Today was rainy, yet warm and it matched the restless feeling I had inside. In the middle of the night, I actually had an inspired thought cross my mind to maybe help release some of this feeling.  So after giving my husband the suggestion at breakfast, we decided to head out to a local fruit farm and to run some of our Saturday errands a day early.

We then went on our “field trip” to a local berry farm and to a nearby local food tiny cottage .

Black Radish Creamery Farm Store, near Alexandria, Ohio

At this little farm shop, my favorite French Onion soup they frequently batch up was out of stock in the mini freezer 😕 However, I could no leave empty handed.

An interesting mustard that caught my eye

As we were leaving from there, I was then inspired to go get the ingredients for the onion soup (along with a couple of other soups) at the next stop and make some over the weekend. So, next stop, Lynd Fruit Farm Market.

Inside the market
Lynd Fruit Farm

We scored a $7 flat of end of season strawberries (hello freezer). I also found some new potatoes, candy onions, chicken apple sausage and peaches. I plan to create some simple, summery digestive friendly foods….. a couple of soups and smoothies.

Candy onions are my absolute favorite. Perfect for my onion soup

I also snatched up some probiotic, antioxidant rich dark chocolate. Loved the label of the gold one…..trust your gut instincts! I also believe this to be how God speaks to us too, small things in our day to help direct us.

Local food markets are for me, a place of physical nourishment, creative inspiration and a way to help a local food community flourish.

After getting my groceries for the week, we decided to head to the berry patch to do a brief U-Pick of raspberries. Raspberries are always a big thing for me….my grandparents had berry bushes on their property where my little sis and I would go foraging for the pink-red beauties. I was willing to go to pick 2 pints in the light drizzle.

Moving through the leaves and thorns to get my 2 pints 
The U-Pick annex of the main farm market

To cap off our local foods grocery roundup, we stopped and met a friend of ours who owns a beef farm with her husband. We were not planning to make this last stop, but our friend remembered what I normally buy up and they were almost out of that….another reason why local foods are so much more nourishing…not just the nutrition aspects. She inspired me to keep going and keep praying.

Sowers Farms and their new mascot

May you be inspired to create a day to help encourage your heart ❤️.

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again— my Savior and my God! Psalms 42:11

Visit @How Sweet the Sound & Laurie w/ Sunday Sunshine @ Ridge Haven Homestead for more inspiration!

Have a great weekend and week ahead!

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