It is time for a Pink Saturday party and I decided to join back in on the fun! I am so glad to see the pink celebration continuing on to this day @ How Sweet the Sound!!!!

My very 1st blog that I attended the colorful festivities with was @ My Artful Heart. After life passing by for some time, I decided to start a little passion project expanding what I started there….and so here I am.

What is this passion project you may ask?

Art Healing!

My goal with being an Art Healer and doing this project via my site and blog is to inspire, teach and encourage emotional self-exploration by using various healing art prompts, tiny art projects and various nourishing inspirations. It is so crucial these days to find the beauty in the mundane – what lights us up inside, heals our broken spirits, brings us together in community and to help us commune better with our Creator God..

Being creative does not equal being an artist, yet we are artists in our own right. It is how we connect with the beauty around us, using our God gifted talents and deciding to meditate on words of light.

As I am writing this, I am noticing the beauty around me on my front porch. It is great to feel the cool-ish breeze and the therapeutic, warm sunshine after a back and forth Ohio springtime. So lovely to finally get a good view of my pink and white peonies in full bloom.

So difficult to believe we are upon the unofficial start of the summer season in the United States, Memorial Day weekend – a weekend full of barbecues, parades, graduations and road trips. It is also a day of deep gratitude to those who gave their lives for our freedoms that we enjoy and at times take for granted.

In this first writing of the Nourish Yourself blog, I would like to include a thought for you as you head into a new month:

Dear Wondering and Confused Soul…..

Please, don’t be paralyzed with the decisions you plan to make or fret over the ones that resulted in the less than ideal circumstances. Learn from it, do your best somehow and keep moving forward!

❤ Remember to bloom your own way!

Till next time lovely souls!!!!!

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