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My mind this past week had all kinds of thoughts and fears running all over the place, in regards to a possible hysterectomy. Originally, I scheduled a surgery session with my doctor next Tuesday. I was pretty set and prepared somewhat to go through with it (after trying to control my symptoms for about 15 years). I have fibroids and especially a largish one hanging on a stalk.

However, I had encounters with some of my friends who got me to ponder on it…to at least wait a little bit, try some other naturopathic things. Also, a door of possibility opened via my doctor at my last appointment, “get an MRI and we may be able to wait.” Well, this past Monday that opportunity came and was able to delay things till mid August.

@Tiny Doors Atlanta, I hope to visit these 3-D murals one day

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you – Matt 7:7, NLT

This is a verse that always comes to mind when something is really on my mind and I see no way out. God always directs us to these doors through a variety of encounters with others, through the time we spend using our given gifts and through things we 1st thought were a no go. The MRI I so did not want to get! I was so tired of the process of all of the doctor stuff over the past several months and just wanted it over with so I could finally start healing.

Doors of opportunity always come at just the right time. No matter how big or small, take time to notice these, even in the middle of your overwhelm.

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I always try to connect my experiences to music and this song I just noticed.

“God Help Me”, by Plumb

There is a wrestling in my heart and my mind
A disturbance and a tension I cannot seem to drive
And if I'm honest, there's quite a bit of fear
To sit here in this silence and really hear you
What will you ask of me?
Will I listen to your voice when you speak?
Help me to move
Help me to see
Help me to do whatever you would ask of me
Help me to go
Or God help me to stay
I'm feeling so alone here
And I know that you're faithful
But I can barely breathe
God help me
Sometimes things, they are black and white
But sometimes they are not and it leaves us torn inside
And in the middle we are left to wonder
Who we are, what you want and where we're going
Oh, such a mystery
I don't always understand
But I believe

Till next week!

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