Calm space outside, calm space inside

Creating space.

So important, yet so difficult to really do these days.  I have always heard, leave no whitespace. If we leave whitespace behind, the thing we are working on seems so incomplete, and equals to say we did not pour our whole self into it.

On the contrary, having whitespace either on a page or in our environment is so vital to our mental and physical well-being. I am finding this to be a challenge lately, the things surrounding my home, my health and my work…they all seem to be meshing together in one big wad with no separation. It has a big ball of kitty yarn that needs to be taken apart but seems so impossible to separate. Physically, this wad for myself has manifested in my body in the form of fibroids, tense muscles and anxiety.

So how to change the tide to stop this domino effect and to head to a more nourishing and thriving life?

One of the first steps is awareness. This is the realization of the true status of our physical surroundings and how those things out of balance are affecting our physical and emotional body. Honestly, this step that is the most important is yet the most difficult to do because we don’t know where to start.

Sometimes, life is so wadded up, but you know something needs changed… just don’t know where to go past this awareness stage. This is where working with a trusted person, a coach can help facilitate the process of finding the clarity and true healing we desire. My dear friend, Alison over at Broconte Home is helping me unwad the sticky and tangled up wad ball weighing me down. It is a slow and somewhat vulnerable process. But it is key to have patience with yourself and keep on doing one small thing to help create the much needed space in your life and to make it less ordinary, creative and of course, less chaotic.

What if a coach is out of reach? Start small with one thing to help create space for yourself. One technique I am currently using, writing Day or Evening Pages. I first learned the concept via a book called the “Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It is an uncensored brain dump on three pages done either first thing in the morning or the last thing at night.

You write everything running through your mind at that moment, whatever surfaces. This practice empties the clutter in the brain and doing so assists the physical creativity, moving forward from the stuckness.

I am noticing in my healing journey, all of the food nourishment we take in or supplement changes cannot fully heal us if all of our life spaces are cluttered up and not fully addressed.

The nourishing beauty of space. I noticed a field like this during my commute home

Decide to pause and work on having the whitespace in life and then watch yourself flourish.


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